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Camping La Baie is a unique campground. This family owned recreational facility offers a product specifically tailored to families who enjoy sports, outdoor living, and natural habitats. In operation since 1963, Camping La Baie is one of the few 5 start campgrounds in the province of Quebec. The facility covers more than 12.5 million square feet and is located on the shores of Lac Maskinongé. Camping La Baie offers it’s customers a private direct access to the largest lake located within one hour of Montréal.

The quality of the infrastructures, including the multifunctional center, the pools, the marina, the sporting facilities, and the quality of the services have made the réputation of Camping La Baie.

Camping La Baie – Site Plan

Camping La Baie - Plan du Domaine

Camping La Baie – Plan du Domaine